School Council

Pupil voice

We all remember our school days, and it is our aim that our pupils look back at their time with us with fond and happy memories. Our pupils’ experiences matter to us and we want to know their opinions and suggestions to make their school days as enjoyable as possible. Our active and elected school council voices the views and opinions of our pupils and a budget is set aside each year to act upon the pupils’ wishes where we can.

In 2018 one of the main recommendations of the School Council was the request for 'The Quiet Garden'. Somewhere they could read their books or play board games away from the ball games taking place in the playground. Over the summer of 2018, a team of parents helped create this remarkable space. The children requested that they follow a 'Zen' design which was an idea originated from last year's Global Awareness studies of Japanese gardens.

The following children have been elected to the School Council for 2019-20:

YR Beau Bingham

Y1 Megan How

Y2 Florence Hasinski

Y3 Hannah Safizadeh

Y4 Rose New

Y5 Aiden Providence

Y6 Max Safizadeh