What our parents say

  • Thoroughly enjoyed,

    My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Hopelands – and our youngest now goes too. The children you meet there are rounded, polite, confident young people from such an early age – and that’s a fantastic start in life.

  • A happy place,

    Happy, smiling children with a passion for learning.

  • Children's best interests,

    A school where the children’s best interests are at the heart of the ethos.

  • Above and beyond,

    The school goes above and beyond with extra-curricular activities.

  • Children get a good start,

    If you want your child to have a good start in secondary school - be it grammar, private, or state - this school sets the building blocks very well indeed.

  • Teachers know your child,

    Each teacher really takes the time to get to know your child and this manifests itself in confident, polite and happy children, of every ability.

  • Small class sizes,

    The small class sizes and excellent teaching staff ensure that every child is known and is encouraged to fulfil his or her individual potential.

  • Thrived academically,

    Not only has my daughter thrived academically, she has also been introduced to a love of sports which were not on offer at her previous school. I am certain that she will leave Hopelands with the life skills she needs to confidently enter secondary education.

  • A huge relief,

    Moving from state school where both of my children were coming home saying they were bored it has been a huge relief to find that they are now stimulated mentally and loving the diversity of opportunities that are presented, Though the school has limited sports facilities, the teachers are incredibly resourceful.  Our children have had so many more opportunities than they had in their much larger state school, where they were decidedly unfit.  It is good practice that they are also taught how to do the correct stretching and warm up exercises prior to sport, which will be  a good  investment for the rest of their lives.

  • 2017 Leavers,

    Below is a letter from the 2017 leavers to our Sports teacher here at Hopelands THANK YOU so, so, so much you are the most amazing teacher and you have taught me so well. I didn't realise just how much of a brilliant teacher you were until I came here to my secondary school. None of the teachers are a spot on you, I hope you are proud of yourself. All three of us from Hopelands are getting involved in the sports teams and are in A team for netball, A / B team for hockey and have had an email about competing at an indoor athletics tournament. I am going to the Tewksbury Cross country event and that is from you doing all the cross country with us (those killer hills) has made me such a better runner! The running at our school you would be appalled at - we don't do any!! But because of you, I have been inspired to run at weekends - all because of you! I would like to thank you on behalf of all of the 2017 leavers and hope you carry on being AMAZING and as inspirational as you are!!

Sheila Bradburn