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A warm welcome to Hopelands

Thank you for showing an interest in our school.

We are a small, happy school dedicated to enabling each child to achieve their full potential. We create a nurturing, supportive environment that will enable all children to become resilient, confident young people.

We believe in providing the ideal platform for the challenges in life that lie ahead.

Hopelands offers a supportive environment for furthering academic excellence. Each year an average of 80% of our pupils go on to one of our many excellent local Grammar Schools, while others regularly win scholarships in the independent sector. For a non-selective school, we believe that this says a great deal about the quality of our teaching and learning.

We keep our classes small – at an average of just 12 pupils per class – and have specialist subject teachers in a wide range of subjects. All our teachers get to know each child personally and make a positive contribution to their development.

Because not everyone is naturally a high academic achiever, we seek out the innate talents in each child; we provide additional assistance and encouragement where needed, and delight in helping them on their future path - whatever that might be.

Above all, we strive to instil in our children a love of learning that will stay with them for life. Visit our school, talk to our staff, our pupils or their parents, and you will see just why Hopelands is a very special and unique place where children thrive and love their school.

Maria Boix