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Why Hopelands Preparatory School?

Not all preparatory schools have the same ethos, values and teaching culture, so what makes us unique?

We provide individual attention: we are a small school, fewer than 100 children, in which every child is known by each teacher and we can focus on them as individuals.

We work to build resilience: our secure environment promotes positive attitudes in every child so they feel able to take risks and become more confident.

We achieve academic excellence: the majority of Hopelands pupils qualify for places to study at local grammar schools while many others win scholarships at independent schools.

We aim to maximise potential: because we are a non-selective school, every child is encouraged to be the best they can be.

We believe in respect: manners are very important to us and each child is taught to be respectful and courteous to each other and to staff.

We open young minds to new ideas: we provide a wide range of field trips and other activities to enable children to understand and explore the wider world.

We encourage creativity and self-expression: there are plenty of opportunities within the school day and in after school activities for children to express themselves through art, music, drama and dance.

We promote healthy minds in healthy bodies: a full range of sports and games, led by a specialist sports teacher, gives the children physical confidence, improves mobility and flexibility, and promotes the ethos of collaboration and teamwork.

We look beyond the national curriculum: we find time in our pupils’ busy day to introduce them to a range of subjects and topics that will broaden their minds and provide them with the skills necessary for a confident start to their secondary education.

We instil pleasure in learning: we encourage children’s natural curiosity, to question the world around them and discover the joy of acquiring knowledge.

Sheila Bradburn