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Year 6 Leavers

94% pupils who sat the 11+ exam (16 out of 17 pupils sat the test) in Gloucestershire passed the exam, and 10% (representing 2 pupils) passed entrance exams to an independent school (King's School).

Listed below are the schools that our Year 6 pupils have gone on to after leaving Hopelands School in July 2019.
The figures show the totals for the six groups of Year 6 pupils that left between Summer 2012 and Summer 2019.

Type of school No. pupils Percentage
Grammar School 83 77%
Independent School 18 17%
Comprehensive School 7 6%
This table shows the destination schools for the same six groups of Year 6 pupils:
School Type No. Pupils Percentage
Stroud High School G 31 29%
Marling Grammar School G 15 14%
Pate's Grammar School G 11 10%
Ribston Hall Grammar School G 9 8%
The Crypt Grammar School G 4 4%
High School for Girls, Gloucester G 10 9%
Sir Thomas Rich G 3 3%
Wycliffe College I 5 6%
The King's School, Gloucester I 8 7%
St Edwards School, Cheltenham I 2 1%
Cheltenham Ladies' College I 3 3%
Rednock School C 3 3%
Deer Park School C 1 <1%
Thomas Keble School C 3 3%

Key: G = State Grammar School, I = Independent School, C = State Comprehensive School
In addition, children have also gone on to each of the following schools: The Acorn School (I), Deer Park School (C), Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School (C), Sir Thomas Rich’s School (G), Thomas Keble School (C) and Westonbirt School (I).

The link below is to a presentation which provides further information regarding the Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Exam process.