Scholarships at Hopelands Prep

Scholarships at Hopelands Prep

Hopelands Prep are pleased to announce an exciting Academic Scholarship Day for Years 4 and 5, for September 2024 entry.   

We are looking for enthusiastic learners to join our thriving Prep School in the heart of Stonehouse in Gloucestershire!   


Apply now! 

Applications are now open and we welcome entries from everyone. You can download an application form here. Applications can be submitted by email to deadline for applications is Friday 16 February 2024.  

Once you have submitted your application, your child will be invited to attend our Scholarship Assessment Day on Thursday 22 February. During the Assessment Day, children will complete assessments in English and Maths. Assessment will also be in the form of: 

  • Participation in lessons 
  • Non-verbal reasoning activities 
  • An informal group interview 

No particular preparation is necessary prior to the assessments, which are designed to simply provide a framework to assess ability. We want the Scholarship Day to be a positive experience for all the children, and we will focus on ensuring that they enjoy their day and feel that they have achieved, regardless of the outcome. 


Who is eligible for a Hopelands Prep Scholarship? 

Academic Scholarships are available to any pupil who will be joining the school in Year 4 and Year 5 in September 2024. The expectation is that candidates will remain at Hopelands Prep School until the end of Year 6.  

Candidates for the Academic Scholarship will show natural academic ability, will be operating at a level well above average in English and Maths, will demonstrate high levels of enthusiasm, and the potential to make a meaningful contribution to life at Hopelands Prep School. 


How much is the scholarship worth? 

Academic Scholarships up to 20% of the educational fees will be offered. The level of the scholarship offer will be determined by the quality of the applicant and the number of offers made.


What are we looking for in an Academic Scholarship candidate? 

We are looking for enthusiastic children who display potential. Applicants should be able to demonstrate potential by having some or all of the following characteristics: 

  • above average academic ability; 
  • good levels of self-motivation and enthusiasm for learning; and 
  • an outstanding interest or ability in one or more areas of the curriculum. 

Can we visit the School before applying? 

Yes, absolutely. Please contact the school office to arrange a tour. You can call us on 01453 822164, or email 


How are pupils selected? 

All children attending the Scholarship Assessment Day will complete standard entry assessments in English and Maths. In addition to participation in lessons, the academic assessment will include an element of Non-Verbal Reasoning and an informal group interview. 


Looking for more information? 

If you would like more information about our Academic Scholarship Day we would be happy to talk with you. You can call us on 01453 822164, or email for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.