Ambassadors for the school

Each half term a new head boy and head girl are selected by the teaching staff. When prospective pupils and their parents come to visit Hopelands, the head boy and girl will take them on a tour of the school answering any questions and providing information about the school and what it is like to attend here.

Harry Luck

I am so happy to be Head Boy and I want to thank all the teachers for nominating me, I won't let you down. This has been my dream since the start of Year 6. When Mrs Bradburn called out my name to be Head Boy I put my hand to mouth and said 'YES'! The first time I gave a tour was outstanding for me, the parents smiled and I smiled. I am really happy and so proud to be Head Boy.

Frankie Coles

I have been at Hopelands since I was 3 years old and have always dreamed of being Head Girl! I am delighted to have been chosen and I will take my responsibilities seriously. I hope that the parents I show round will choose Hopelands for their children as it's a fabulous school.